Long Distance Leader Video Series - The Long-Distance Leader

Welcome to the Long-Distance Leader 6-Part Video Series!

VIDEO #1: What We Have Learned About Long-Distance Leaders

When we were writing The Long-Distance Leader,” we surveyed and spoke to a lot of leaders and did a vast amount of research. In this first video, we will share some of these findings with you.


VIDEO #2: Two Models That Matter to Long-Distance Leaders

In this video, we're talking about two models that we created for remote leaders and specifically models that visually depict and answer the question, why does leading remotely seem like such a challenge?


VIDEO #3: Achieving Outcomes at a Distance

We mentioned the 3-O Model in a previous video and in this video, we are diving in to the first “O” in the model – OUTCOMES – and more specifically how to get outcomes as a long distance leader.


VIDEO #4: Engaging Others at a Distance

In the second “O” of the 3-O model, we focus on OTHERS and specifically how to engage others. In this video, we're sharing three very valuable points to help remote leaders engage others from a distance.


VIDEO #5: Understanding Ourselves

In the third “O” of the 3-O model, we focus on OURSELVES. And while it seems contradictory to leadership, taking care of ourselves is extremely important to our success as leaders.


VIDEO #6: Developing Long-Distance Leaders

In this video, we'll help you answer this very important question:
Do you have the culture that you want and if you don't, are you acting intentionally about that gap?

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